The UK's First Commercial Hydrogen Kitchen

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National Gas Metering (NGM) Partner with Tyesley Energy Park - WV Howe Commercial Installation 

The organisation that provides national gas metering services across the UK has hailed the commissioning of a hydrogen-led commercial catering kitchen as a “major milestone” in its hydrogen strategy.


National Gas Metering (NGM) recently entered into a strategic partnership with Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham, where a commercial kitchen with hydrogen cooking equipment from Falcon Foodservice Equipment was recently installed by W V Howe.

The NGM team has worked alongside Falcon during the past six months in designing a hydrogen service from scratch developing a hydrogen supply system, connection, metering and environment into a commercial kitchen – replicating hotels and restaurants across the country.

It has branded the site “the world’s first hydrogen-powered commercial kitchen and test facility”, with the image above showing Falcon’s product development chef Shaune Hall cooking at the hub.

Tyesley Hydrogen Kitchen 3

Simon Jamieson, metering head of commercial at NCM, said: “This is an exciting moment on our hydrogen journey and a testament to how multi-partner collaboration can come together to develop solutions that support energy futures. We look forward to sharing more updates on the projects happening in our facility at Tyseley Energy Park in the future.”

Mr Jamieson said the site was an “ideal base” to enable research and development into hydrogen gas infrastructure and metering products, building capability and competence to provide evidence to support the use of hydrogen in commercial settings.

“WV Howe are honoured to partner with Falcon to deliver
and install the world’s first hydrogen-powered
commercial kitchen and test facility”

Grant shaw: Operations Director, WV Howe Technical Services 


Chef Shaune Hall2

The technical team from WV Howe brought their wealth of commercial catering installation experience to the collaborative enterprise from the start. Their longstanding relationship with Falcon Foodservice Equipment, and inherent product familiarity, enabled the team to design and build the facility to the highest specifications, seamlessly integrating the Hydrogen infrastructure and adapting to the technical requirements of this important, groundbreaking project.

Other partners involved in the project included Metersit, Pietro Fiorentini and Enertek Consultants.

Falcon first announced its plans to launch a range of hydrogen cooking equipment back in 2021, while managing director Peter McAllister recently spoke about its involvement in the Tyseley Energy Park project in an in-depth interview with Catering Insight.

The kitchen was officially commissioned to allow the consumption of hydrogen at the end of February.


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